Offshore Pavillion

Meet & Greet: offshore meets engineers
The Netherlands has a good position as a knowledge economy. Dutch Engineers are among the most productive in the world and technical quality is high. Due to major technological developments, innovative ideas and various national and international partnerships, the offshore industry is in full swing.

Offshore: high demand for Engineers
Engineers and engineering students with specific offshore knowledge are needed by quality offshore companies but are currently hard to find. On the other hand: they are crucial for innovation and economic growth. Therefore the demand for (future) Engineers in the Offshore industry is very large.

Steel Construction: wide range of Engineers
In steel construction, economic times are harsh and the supply of Engineers is greater than the demand. Many steel construction Engineers show much interest and enthusiasm in the offshore industry and Bouwen met Staal is frequently asked by Engineers concerning possibilities in this regard.

Meet the offshore industy
Bouwen met Staal is committed to offer Engineers an interesting career by an offshore focus on the ‘Nationale Staalbouwdag’. IRO endorses this initiative and both parties want to give a meaning to a link that is missing: inspiring and motivating (prospective and existing) steel construction Engineers to meet the offshore industry. What are the opportunities, challenges and social relevance that technical offshore ‘dream jobs’ have to offer?

Offshore Seminar
IRO supports the Constructors Seminar at the National Steelconstruction Day (more information). The focus is specifically on offshore applications. The seminar runs throughout the offshore chain, starting with design and ending with installation. More than 35% of all registrations are interested in the seminar. More information about this seminar, click here. Our goal is to provide the steel construction Engineer with information and resources to start in the offshore industry.

Meet & Greet your future Engineers
Immediately after this seminar, there is a Meet & Greet where companies from the offshore industry can directly meet the Engineers. These companies are collected at the Offshore Pavillion.

The Offshore Pavillion is open to all visitors to the National Steelconstruction Day, including the current working Engineers as well as MBO/ HBO/TU Civil Engineering students (see student program).
In short: an excellent opportunity to promote your company and to welcome your (future) Engineers.

Participation 1,750 EUR
– Booth 2m wide x 1m deep
– Electricity included + lighting

Do you want a booth at the Offshore Pavilion or receive more information, please contact Erik de Jong, telephone +31 (0) 87-8758965, mobile +31 (0) 6-24685225 or via email